•World champion
May 2005-2006-2007
Gold medal in the World kung fu championship (Italy)
•Former European champion in kung fu
November 2004 Silver medal (Russia)
•World Olympic games
Kung fu Discipline
5th place in the Olympic games Beijing 2008 (China)
•Kung fu Arab champion
May 2003
1st place in kung fu arab championship (Jordan)
•Former World Champion in kung fu
December 2005
Silver Medal in the world kung fu championship (Vietnam)
•Media choice award
May 2006
Participating in the Kung fu star TV show in china
•Ninja warriors Arabia
December 2016
Participating in the Ninja warriors Arabia TV program (Egypt)
•Lebanese kung fu champion
1st place
Lebanese kung fu champion from 1997 till 2008
• Lebanese University Champion
Lebanese Universities KUNG FU Championship (2004 till 2008) 1st Place
•European Wushu Championship
5th place in the European kung fu championship October 2008 (Poland)
•World kung fu Championship
5th place in the world championship November 2007 (China)