Master Elie Saadeh began his journey in Martial arts at the age of 12, and ever since, he has been building the proper knowledge and experience to become what he is today. Graduating from the Lebanese university in electronic  engineering, Elie decided to commit all his time and effort to his martial arts training. In 2004-2005, he won 1st place at the 3rd edition wushu European Championship and became world champion (category -85kg) in Sanda respectively. He currently owns and manages his own personal gym teaching Kung Fu, Mixed martial arts (MMA) , Jujitsu, Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Self Defense, and English Boxing. In addition, he is the head Judge and referee for the Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Federation (MMA) with the honor of being the head coach of the Lebanese national team. After decades of training, Master Elie continues to strive for greatness into becoming one of the most eclectic fighters out there.


Elie has been teaching several martial arts for the past few years, below a list of some of the martial arts class that he teaches in his club at Aquamarina 2 Fitness Club.

– Training Camps
– Kung Fu
– Mixed martial Arts
– Jiu-Jitsu
– Thai Boxing
– Kick Boxing
– Self Defense
– English Boxing
– Personal Coach Training
– Boot Camp
– Cross Fit
– Stretching
– Taebo
– Fight Club
– Fitness